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The Berkshire Intergroup

Through the generosity of the area groups Berkshire Intergroup is able to provide the following services to its A.A. groups in Area 31 Alcoholics Anonymous: 

Coordinate AA activities among its various groups and to help weaker groups in any way possible.

Maintain 24 hour AA telephone coverage. 

Publish regularly updated schedules of group meetings in the area.

Provide a program which will promote regular visits between groups, as well as a monthly business meeting for all Intergroup Representatives of Berkshire County A.A. groups of Alcoholics Anonymous.

Provide an inventory of AA Literature for the convenience of local groups and committees in an office which also serves as a communication and information center.

Have events for the fellowship of Berkshire County AA such as the annual Berkshire Intergroup Christmas & New Years Alcathons.

Cooperate with the Western Mass Intergroup, Area 31 Service Committee as well as the Berkshire Institutions Committee.

We are open on Tuesday's and Friday's from 1:30pm - 5:00pm

Monthly Intergroup Meeting on Zoom

2nd Monday of the month at 7:00pm

Meeting ID: 744 6156 2133

Password: 3yGdGU

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Upcoming Events